Thursday, July 20, 2017

NEW! The Scream and Misty Special is coming this Halloween!

Just like a good spooky story, this was unexpected! Classic supernatural comics Scream! and Misty return this October in one combined Halloween special, featuring all-new stories! (Cover by Henry Flint.) The two comics never merged back in the day (they weren't even around at the same time) but they're a perfect match for this special! 

Cover image taken from Facebook's Hibernia Comics page. Seems it's public knowledge now so I thought readers of this blog would be interested.

Scream! and Misty are just two of the fan-favourite comic titles that Rebellion acquired a while back. Until now, Rebellion have been reprinting classic strips in their Treasury of British Comics books, so it's fantastic news that the Scream and Misty Special will contain brand new stories! 

I understand the special will be on sale in newsagents and has a cover price of £3.99. According to the date on the bar code it'll be on sale from 18th October until 13th December.

Here's the story info. (Thanks to Neil Taylor for sourcing this.)

Two of Britain's best-loved supernatural comics have been resurrected this Halloween and merged into one terrifying tome featuring all-new stories! 

Max the crazy computer makes a welcome return in The Thirteenth Floor by Guy Adams, John Stokes and Frazer Irving; the fangs are out in The Dracula File by Grainne McEntee and Tristan Jones; weirdos, warriors and weasels plucked from the pages of various 70s and 80s British comics congregate in Death-Man: The Gathering by Henry Flint; Kek-W and Simon Coleby collaborate on Black Max, the German World War One fighter pilot that's descended from a race of bat-people; the high-rise horrors of Birdwood are back in Return of the Sentinels by Hannah Berry and Ben Willsher; and fairies can be frightening in Fate of the Fairy Hunter by Alec Worley and DaNi.

It sounds like quite a variety, and of course Black Max is a character that used to appear in Thunder (and later Lion and Thunder). It'll be great to see him back! 

I'm sure this comic will be greeted very enthusiastically by fans old and new! Great news, chums!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

COMIC HEROES No.32 is here

Just a very quick heads up to say that the latest issue of the quarterly comics news magazine Comic Heroes is out now. I haven't seen a copy yet as my local shops no longer stock it, but I've ordered the issue via mail order from this site:

I'll review it when my copy arrives in the post!

Also out this week from the same publisher (Future) is a new issue of SFX with features on Marvel's new Defenders TV series, the Valerian movie, and more.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Comicraft font sale!

Indie comics publishers; want to add a professional look to your logos? Mainstream publishers; want to expand your font library? Now is the perfect time to do so because Comicraft are having a half-price font sale!

Simply choose the fonts that are appropriate for your comic, buy 'em, and download them to your computer to use in Photoshop, Illustrator or whatever. 

I've been using Comicraft fonts for my comics covers for the past few years, as you can see. (Click to enlarge.)

Sure, there are fonts you can get for free elsewhere, but if you're doing a comic you need the best, most professional fonts, and Comicraft delivers the goods. Yeah, I know this sounds like sales hype, and, no, I'm not getting any perks for doing this. I really think these are great fonts. Interested? Here's the link...

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor

In case you've been off-planet and missed the news, the 13th Doctor Who has been cast, and it's Jodie Whittaker. There's been a fanplosion online, both pro and con. Personally I just don't see the problem with the Doctor regenerating into a woman, and I've been a fan of the show since 1963! A female actor brings diversity to the part and gives the show a fresh new direction.

Ever since William Hartnell left the role in 1966 I've been a bit apprehensive about every new Doctor, but my fears were soon proved groundless and they all won me over. I'm sure any fears people have over this casting will soon be calmed. I'm excited to see what Jodie Whittaker brings to the part. She's a cracking actress and I hope she gets some great scripts! Interesting times lie ahead, and we'll see Jodie's first series sometime in 2018. Congratulations and good luck to her!

This also means big changes for the Doctor Who comics of course, and the 13th Doctor will be appearing in strip form next year. Rachael Stott, one of the artists on Titan's 12th Doctor comics, swiftly posted a sketch of the 13th Doctor on Twitter and it's spot on...

UPDATE: Someone posted this on Facebook, proving that the notion of a female Doctor has been around since 1981 at least!

...and then there's this...

What's your opinion on this huge change for the show? For or against? Post a comment below!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Doctor... Who will it be?

Here's an advance look at the cover to the next Doctor Who Magazine, which will be published on Thursday 27th July. Now, bear in mind there may be some tweaks to this cover before publication because I don't think it's quite gone to press yet, and tomorrow the BBC will announce who the next actor will be to play the Doctor!

Unless you read this blog every day, you may already know the identity of the 13th Doctor by the time you read this. I've no idea who it's going to be. I just hope it's someone suited to the role, and I'm sure they'll choose wisely.

Part of my next Daft Dimension.
Every time there's a new Doctor to be cast, people speculate whether it might be a woman this time. I know some people who are steadfast that the job shouldn't go to a woman. "Doctor Who has always been a bloke" some say. "Casting a woman would be proof of the BBC's feminist agenda" say others. 

My personal opinion? I don't care who gets the part as long as they're good at it. Our childhoods aren't being trampled on if they use a more diverse choice of actor. 

Whoever gets the role, it won't please everyone, but so far the actors in the part have won over much of the audience after a few episodes. The moral of that I guess is that we should reserve judgement until the new season actually airs, which won't be for a long time yet.

UPDATE 16/7/2017:
Jodie Whittaker cast as The 13th Doctor. Good choice! Let maximum fanplosion begin!
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